Customized acrobatic shows

Whether you want a 5-minute or 1-hour act for your corporate event or amusement park, everything is possible: we visit you on-site and adapt our show to your space, budget and preferences.

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À-La-Carte performances

Unique costumes & makeup

Each character has its own personality.

Our makeup & costume artists work together to respect this personality and create a true masterpiece that fits the characters' emotions, stories and even their facial expressions.

Breathtaking set design

We are not simply designing sets, we are creating a whole world for our characters.

We consider all elements and create each set with great care to fit the show's theme. Our designers work with wood, metal, aluminum and foam core, among others.

Since everything's created in our very own workshop, we can adapt to your location.

Innovative acrobatic accessories

We are constantly reinventing our specialties, including the trampoline wall: angle, shape, number of trampolines, adding high bars... the possibilities are endless!

We can create the perfect accessory for each act. We love trying things and above all, innovating.

Mark their
Impress your partners, employees and visitors with acrobatic performances they'll remember for years.